Property Management

Workday® Implementation and Transformation


  • LEAP Implementation Services
  • Permanent Placement Recruiting Services
  • AMS Access Model

The Situation



In the world of property management, Invitation Homes (INVH) stands out as a champion of innovation and excellence. Invitation Homes prides itself on offering high-quality living experiences in desirable neighborhoods. Despite its success, the company encountered challenges during their Workday implementation, chiefly due to the lack of experience among its team members. 


As a result, they chose to partner up with the Syssero team and our Launch Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP). This proactive step brought a range of Syssero services into play, supporting INVH’s team and enhancing their system.


By teaming up with Syssero, INVH could focus on their core strengths—providing top-notch homes in great neighborhoods—while confidently navigating the complexities of their new HRIS system. This strategic collaboration underlines why INVH remains a standout in the property management industry.


The issues facing Invitation Homes were multifaceted:


  • Limited Workday® Expertise: Without in-house Workday® know-how, the Invitation Homes struggled with both understanding and testing the sysstem efficiently; a classic case of “we don’t know what we don’t know”, which is common during implementations.
  • Unsustainable Growth: Invitation Homes needed to stabilize its Workday® environment to ensure scalable, long-term growth without sacrificing operational efficiency or employee satisfaction. Enter Syssero.

The Outcome



The collaboration between Syssero and Invitation Homes yielded remarkable outcomes, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and system stability. Measurable results included:


  • Enhanced System Capabilities: With Syssero ongoing support, Invitation Homes now enjoys a more insightful and actionable HRIS environment-one that can grow with them and is managed by a knowledgeable/effective internal team.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The improved HRIS environment, including advanced dashboard and reporting capabilities, has empowered Invitation Homes with the ability to make more informed, data-driven decisions regarding workforce management and future planning.
  • Sustainable System Management:

    The ongoing partnership with Syssero as an AMS partner ensures that Invitation Homes can continually adapt to HRIS challenges with trusted expertise readily available.

  • Reduce Consulting Support Dependency:
    1. Since Workday go-live, Invitation Homes (INVH) has required on average 120 hours of Syssero support per month over the first years of adoption. This figure represents less than a single FTE effort but is spread across the entire application (functional, technical, training, documentation etc).

    2. Over the course of the partnership with Syssero, INVH has even further reduced dependency on consulting support by 17% month over month. This reduction reflects an increase in self-reliance, internal controls, and system stabilization. As INVH marches toward self-sufficiency, the current consulting dependency is equivalent to half of a single FTE for the entire application.

    3. Syssero remains committed to maintaining a supportive presence, stepping in as necessary. However, the primary focus will be on empowering INVH’s internal Workday team to take full ownership of their system and manage operations autonomously.


This case study delves into how the strategic partnership with Syssero helped Invitation Homes overcome challenges, streamline Workday processes, and solidify its position as an industry leader through the utilization of various Syssero service offerings. In March of 2021, a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address the specific challenges faced by Invitation Homes. The collaboration unfolded in several critical stages:


1. Hands-On Go-Live Support

Via our LEAP Services, Syssero provided immediate advisory support, working alongside the Invitation Homes team to troubleshoot, test, and advise on the Workday® system in real-time. This involved on-site support leading up to the system go-live, ensuring full preparation for the transition. Syssero’s team worked closely with both the internal team and the Workday implementation team to ensure all parties had the data and information needed to make critical decisions and meet timeline goals.

2. Strategic Staffing Solutions-Perm Placement

Recognizing the need for permanent, expert-level Workday® support within Invitation Homes, Syssero’s Permanent Placement services were utilized to identify an HRIS Director in October 2021. This move was pivotal in strengthening the internal team’s capabilities and ensuring ongoing system optimization.

3. Continued Improvement with Managed Services

Post-implementation, Syssero remained a key partner, offering Application Managed Services (AMS) to address complex needs such as compensation review processes, creating comprehensive dashboard and integration management. This work extended to providing extensive training and support, ensuring the Invitation Homes team could fully leverage Workday® functionality. This partnership is still in existence today, and is truly an excellent example of the kind of relationship the Syssero team looks to achieve with its client partners: one of mutual respect, care and trust.



Detailed Project Engagement

The strategic partnership between Syssero and Invitation Homes began in spring of 2021 during their Workday implementation. Since converting to Syssero’s Access Model (AMS) in early 2022, a total of 302 (and counting) tickets have been submitted, worked, and closed. This comprehensive effort spanned various functional areas and provided enhanced analytics to ensure an efficient Workday® environment.

1. Solution Documentation:

Over the course of the engagement, Syssero published 32 detailed critical solution documents for the client to utilize in various functional and technical areas..This documentation will be available to the client for as long as is needed. Further documentation will be created, as needed—-all in the name of self sufficiency, transparency, turnover protection, and continual learning.

2. Functional Areas Addressed:

      • Absence Management and LOA
      • Benefits
      • Recruiting
      • Core HCM
      • Compensation
      • Integrations
      • Payroll Performance
      • Time Tracking


3. Ticket Overview:

      • 47 Business process solutions
      • 100+ config solutions
      • 50+ integration solutions
      • 85 reporting and security solutions
      • Average time to resolution: 11 days. 
      • Average interaction with the client per ticket: 9. 
      • All tickets met our SLAs metrics, ensuring a response time of 1 hour for all urgent requests.




When Invitation Homes embarked on their Workday® journey, they teamed up with Syssero to not only tackle immediate hurdles but also to pave the way for lasting success and stability. As one of the trailblazers in Syssero’s LEAP (Launch Enhancement Assistance Program), INVH helped shape the program into what it is today.

This study highlights how a strategic partnership, innovative technology, and shared values can drive incredible business transformation and operational excellence.


Working with Invitation Homes has been an extraordinary partnership. Their commitment to collaboration during their deployment process allowed us to provide tailored configuration options and work closely with their deployment partner for optimal customization. We’ve empowered their team to optimize their system, implemented enhancements to streamline operations, and saved valuable time on manual processes. A notable achievement includes developing the severance worksheet process post go-live, highlighting our mutually beneficial and highly productive engagement.

Heather Groff Syssero Services Lead and Functional Lead for INVH