Healthcare Technology

Overcoming Implementation Challenges: A Successful Post Go-Live Journey


Managed Services
  • Managed Services (Access)

The Situation

  • Mismatched processes and expectations
  • Manual operations and inefficiencies in areas like Payroll, Time Off, and Recruiting
  • Lack of proactive guidance in addressing issues, leading to unresolved discrepancies and inefficiencies

The Outcome

  • Identified and resolved critical discrepancies, aligning with expectations
  • Automated and streamlined processes, significantly reducing manual workload and improving efficienc
  • Established a proactive strategy for handling tenant issues, solidifying Syssero as a permanent, solution-driven partner for CPSI


In the realm of healthcare technology, CPSI emerges as a pivotal force, specializing in electronic health records and financial management solutions. With a commitment to transforming healthcare operations, CPSI’s innovative tools empower providers nationwide by digitizing patient records, optimizing financial processes, and promoting interoperability.

In October 2022, CPSI began their business transformation by kicking off with an L16 Workday® implementation beginning core HCM with Payroll, Time Off, and Recruiting. Although Workday®’s framework and documentation provided clear instruction and timeline, the implementation proved to be challenging for CPSI due to a mismatch of processes between CPSI’s stated expectations and the preferred method of their implementation partner. Facing the challenge of unmet expectations, a recommendation from Workday® was made to reach out to Syssero for guidance. An initial conversation was had between both teams, resulting in a collaborative partnership. Unlike the previous approach of assigning tasks with little direction, Syssero acted as a supportive ally, and moved forward with a hand-in-hand approach, aligning with CPSI’s vision for a true partnership.

To begin, Syssero came alongside CPSI in Hypercare, identifying and addressing several critical discrepancies within the implementation. Issues with FSA, HSA, Payroll Calculations, User Logins, and a plethora more were uncovered, allowing the process of mending to start – quickly and comprehensively. After applying solves to high priority items, the work pivoted to a proactive approach where tenant items could be addressed prior to becoming issues down the road. Projects such as Performance Reviews, Open Enrollment Processes, Reports, Business Processes, Tax-related matters and more were tackled, yielding successful results by reducing manual requirements for day-to-day operations. In one example, Syssero’s assistance in enforcing data entry ended with significant ROI, permanently saving several hours per week previously spent on manual data review and correction.

The collaboration between CPSI and Syssero not only triumphed over initial implementation hurdles but strengthened the essence of the partnership. As CPSI transitioned smoothly to Workday®, the synergy compelled them to keep Syssero as a permanent partner, embodying an alliance that goes beyond conventional consulting. Together, the teams have identified, planned, and solved over 130 needs within CPSI’s tenant, with 43 of those being high priority and 10 being urgent. With a foundation built on solutions, shared goals, and a commitment to excellence, CPSI and Syssero have forged a lasting partnership that continues to yield valuable results.

“If I could have all of you here working with me every day, I would. Syssero’s collaborative and supportive approach made them my preferred partners, providing the right solutions and understanding that I was looking for to make the implementation a resounding success.”

Kelly Lippe Group Lead, HR Operations