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Revitalizing Workday®: A Strategic Overhaul


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  • Time & Materials (Ally)
  • Review & Recommend

The Situation

  • Extensive use of Workday® but facing challenges due to initial scoping
  • System inadequacies causing issues across departments
  • Inefficiencies and incorrect configurations hindering end-user tasks

The Outcome

  • Comprehensive audit by Syssero identified and addressed key issues
  • Strategic redevelopment and activation of additional Workday® modules and domains
  • Streamlined business processes and enhanced end-user experience, leading to operational efficiency and data accuracy


MCRT (Mill Creek Residential Trust) is a prominent developer and operator of high-quality apartment communities across major U.S. cities. Their team of multifamily experts have participated in the development of over 275,000 apartment homes and have executed over $25 billion in transactions over the last three decades.

As a tenured customer of Workday®, MCRT uses their system extensively but faced significant challenges despite being live for some time. Poor scoping during the initial implementation left MCRT with a system that failed to meet their unique needs, causing downstream issues across various departments. Upon realizing the depth of these challenges, MCRT sought Syssero’s expertise for a comprehensive audit in order to identify key issues hindering critical functionality.

The audit, completed by Syssero’s Workday® SMEs, revealed extensive problems, ranging from a core system needing reconfiguration & redevelopment to the need for business process enhancements and module expansion. During the discovery of these initial items, the critical issues identified were more extensive than MCRT initially anticipated. These issues cascaded into inefficiencies due to incorrect configuration, hampering end-users from completing essential tasks.

To address these issues, Syssero developed a strategic plan to maximize long-term value for MCRT. This plan included the activation of additional modules and domains within Workday®, as well as BP redevelopment, reviewing & correcting conditional & validation rules, and the redevelopment of Benefits, Talent, Reporting, and Integrations. Unnecessary steps were eliminated, and new configurations were introduced, creating a more intuitive and effective end-user experience. In addition, the streamlined Business Processes now automatically directed to the appropriate security groups, reflecting the efficiency gains achieved.

Syssero’s proactive approach to addressing MCRT’s challenges, despite the complexity and extent of the required interventions, delivered immediate and impactful outcomes. This not only streamlined operations but also bolstered data accuracy, paving the way for sustained improvements within the tenant. The commitment to delivering tangible results rectified the issues at hand and positioned MCRT for continued success with a robust and optimized Workday® experience.

“Syssero’s consulting team has been phenomenal. Their results were immediate, their ‘A Team’ of consultants were highly professional, and their work continues to pay dividends”.

Jerry Williams VP, Human Resources