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Navigating Through Payroll Hurdles for a Successful Workday® Implementation


  • Implementation Assistance (LEAP)

The Situation

  • Resignation of Payroll manager leading to potential derailment of project
  • Concerns about ability to meet critical implementation timelines

The Outcome

  • Immediate support provided, filling the gap left
  • Expertise and onsite support from Syssero consultants ensured a smooth transition
  • Successful Workday® implementation and go-live achieved with increased team confidence


Neighborly® is a leading provider of home service franchise brands and solutions. With a network delivering
quality services across North America, Neighborly has built a reputation for exceptional customer service and
trusted workmanship.

When making the initial decision to purchase Workday®, Neighborly had a clear path to a successful go-live. A
crucial piece in elevating efficiency in their business, the implementation shone a spotlight on Payroll as its key
focus. But when there were unexpected personnel changes within their Payroll department, it threatened to derail
all progress, garnering doubt about the ability to meet go-live. That’s when Neighborly turned to Syssero for

To begin, Syssero instantly jumped-in to bridge any potential gap within the payroll department. The team
activated a seasoned Payroll & Implementation consultant, and immediately began enlisting an internal, dedicated
project team to provide advisory support, knowledge transfer, testing assistance, data loading, and more.
Combining both internal and external knowledge, Syssero’s consultants not only gave expertise but also became
trusted advisors and ultimately an extension of Neighborly’s team.

Leading up to the pivotal go-live week, Syssero identified a need for both functional and morale support and sent
its consultants to give an on-site presence. This became a crucial element in maintaining composure and ensuring
a smooth transition, where sessions not only addressed immediate technical needs, but also increased the team’s
confidence in navigating the new system effectively. The collaboration ultimately proved instrumental, resulting in
a successful implementation, a smooth transition, and a satisfied Workday® client at the end of it all.

“Without Syssero’s resources, I am not confident we would have achieved our go-live date. Their support was seen as a game changer for the project, providing a vital middle ground and acting as a sounding board. Anyone implementing Workday should consider selecting an organization like Syssero to ensure success.”

Courtney Kolar Senior Vice President, People Services