Providing Seamless HCM Workday® Implementation for a Mid-Size Retailer


Implementation Assistance
  • Implementation Assistance (LEAP)
  • Third-Party Software Integration

The Situation

  • Thinly-stretched resources between fulfilling needs for day to day operations and a system overhaul
  • Heavy reliance on manual HR processes
  • Minimal internal Project Management on Implementation related issues

The Outcome

  • Improved visibility across HR tasks by establishing an effective responsibility matrix
  • Increased efficiency of HR team by automating manual processes through clearly defined Business Processes
  • Deployed Workday® system on time through dedicated project management guidance in all phases of adoption


Toot’n Totum, a convenience store focused company with around 1,600 employees across four states, purchased Workday® when they recognized their need for a new HCM system that could scale with their growth trajectory, but their implementation team was already balancing full-time HR responsibilities and had little to no enterprise-level implementation experience. The Toot’n Totum team turned to Syssero® for advisory services and functionality protection from seasoned Workday® subject matter experts who could advocate for Toot’n Totum’s needs throughout implementation and provide a unique perspective as previous Workday® end-clients.

A turning point in Toot’n Totum’s implementation came early on during a meeting with Workday® in which the client did not realize their decisions on the conference call would comprise the baseline design of their build. Syssero® consultants recognized the hesitancy on the client’s part and stepped in to negotiate new dates with the Workday® Project Manager, granting our consultants time to assist critical design decisions for Toot’n Totum without pushing back any project milestones.

Another pivotal moment during implementation occurred in the integration space when a third party recruiting software did not fulfill the client’s needs in practice. When the combined efforts of Workday® and our consultants could not fix the complex issue remotely, one of Syssero’s consultants went to the vendor’s headquarters to learn more about the product and troubleshoot client concerns with the product designers themselves. As a result of this dedication, Toot’n Totum was able to successfully implement the additional software, and Syssero’s relationship with both the client and the vendor strengthened.

Throughout the implementation and deployment process, Syssero® consultants provided project management guidance, functional future state consultation, integration builds, and testing assistance. This dedicated assistance enabled Toot’n Totum to maintain daily HR operations while undergoing a complete overhaul of their business’ infrastructure.

“Syssero® has been critical when it comes to the Workday® knowledge and when coaching my team on Workday® best practices. Additionally, they have shown us the best way to find synergy between Workday® and our other systems.”

Sarah Webster VP, Human Resources
Toot’n Totum