Written by Kelsey Bradbery

Certifications & Workday Education Learning Center

Certifications & Workday Education Learning Center


Workday Education Learning Center

While Workday is an incredibly intuitive tool for end-users like employees and managers, it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to get your Workday tenant configured for go-live and maintained moving forward. Workday Education Learning Center classes come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ll break it down for you!

  • Learn On-Demand: These videos share key configuration, assistance, and information regarding Workday administration. Some videos are free, and some require a subscription.
  • Learn Independent: These classes allow you the flexibility to watch videos, complete assignments and take tests in the course of a week at your own pace. It’s like the “Learn Virtual” classes, but without an instructor and you choose the time!
  • Learn Virtual: Learn online with a live instructor! Your instructor will have specific times for you to learn (typically four to five hours over a two to three day period) and you will have classmates as well. If you have specific questions to ask, or just learn better with an instructor providing guidance or troubleshooting, this is the style of class to take.
  • Learn-In Person: If a class has a huge amount of material to learn, it is typically only offered In-Person. Things like HCM, Compensation, and Payroll Fundamentals, etc. are offered only In-Person. This isn’t a bad thing! It’s really nice to have an instructor right there, and typically the classes run for eight hours for two to three days. You can benefit a lot, not only from the instructor but from your classmates who tend to be more talkative in-person than virtual.
  • Enablement Workshop: Let’s say that your Workday Compensation Analyst left the company… and the Annual Merit Cycle is only a month or two away! Or let’s say you have an extremely complex compensation structure and might need a little extra help, guidance or tricks to get your system working well for your business! Enablement Workshops are just that – built to enable you to run your processes while you’re there and learning. These Workshops are intense but also immensely helpful. Make sure you do some research beforehand and come to the workshop with notes and questions to ask your instructors.


Workday Pro Certifications

Are you thinking about getting a Workday Pro Certification? That’s not a bad idea! Workday Pro Certifications look good on a resume, but that’s not the only perk: You receive additional information on Workday Updates (similar to what certified consultants get), as well as access to the Workday Touchpoints Kit and a private collaboration group within Workday Community!

The following Workday Pro tracks are available as of this article’s date:

  • Workday Pro Financials Reporting
  • Workday Pro Reporting
  • Workday Pro Absence
  • Workday Pro Benefits
  • Workday Pro Compensation
  • Workday Pro HCM
  • Workday Pro Payroll for the U.S.
  • Workday Pro Performance and Talent
  • Workday Pro Recruiting
  • Workday Pro Time Tracking
  • Workday Pro Core Connectors and Document Transformation
  • Workday Pro Integrations
  • Workday Pro Studio
  • Workday Pro Financials
  • Workday Pro Financials Reporting
  • Workday Pro Security
  • Workday Pro Student

Workday Pro Certifications are different from Implementer Certifications in the following ways: 

  • Workday Pro Certifications are available to all customers, but an Implementer must work for a Workday Partner.
  • Workday Pro Certifications are granted after a customer takes specific courses from the Workday Education Learning Center, some of which can be in person or virtual, whereas the Implementer Certifications are granted after completing a more bootcamp style of training that takes place over the course of several weeks.
  • Both certifications require a test to be completed and passed.


Training on a Budget

All of this may seem like a lot… and it is! Time and money are both resources that aren’t infinite, so sometimes you need to pick and choose where you spend both. Let’s say that you’re about to go live and you can only take four classes – here are our top four:

  • HCM Fundamentals: This “Learn In-Person” class will teach you the foundation of Workday from soup to nuts. You’ll essentially build a tenant of your own, from supervisory organizations and business processes to security groups and reports. You won’t go deeply into any one specific topic; however, the key to this class is understanding how the Workday modules connect through configuring the bones behind a Workday tenant.
  • Business Process Fundamentals: This “Learn Virtual or Learn Independent” class teaches you the ins and outs of business process configuration including business process security, workflows, validations, attachments, questionnaires, reports, documents, condition rules, advanced routing, event management, and you’ll learn about business process reports. Since all of your workflows go through business processes, it’s key to understand them.
  • Report Writer: This “Learn Virtual or Learn Independent” class does a deep dive into business objects and report data sources. By the end you’ll be able to write advanced custom reports, schedule reports, monitor report performance and you’ll receive an introduction to matrix reports and calculated fields. Many things (like dashboards, integrations and any data analysis you need to perform on your data) rely on your ability to write functional reports.
  • Calculated Fields: This “Learn Virtual or Learn Independent” class goes into a key component of report writing, which is Calculated Fields. In Workday, you are not limited to just the fields that Workday themselves provides. You can make many of your own fields, such as building dates, true/false equations, looking up values as of a specific date, arithmetic calculations… and more! This is the best way to enhance your report writing game, save some time (by letting Workday do the thinking for you) and stop manually manipulating data that you are using for key business decisions.

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