Amber Lowry

Amber Lowry

CEO, Founder

Hello, I’m Amber Lowry, the CEO and Founder of Syssero. My journey with Workday® began over 10 years ago. As employee 735 at Workday® I had the privilege to see what being at a startup was really like and ultimately fell in love with the software. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve experienced the solution & ecosystem from every angle: as a consulting partner, an end client, and an independent consultant. This perspective and insight into the varied needs of organizations led me to create Syssero.

I founded Syssero with a clear goal: Advance the solution and empower your people. Under my guidance, Syssero focuses on ensuring client success with a straightforward approach: be transparent, provide support with consultants who have been in your shoes, and always start with respect. As we continue to grow rapidly, I make it a point to connect personally with every employee, making sure Syssero’s mission is alive and well in every project we undertake with our most valuable assets: Our People.

The part of my job I love the most? Diving into new challenges. Each client brings something different to the table, and this diversity allows my team and me to really flex our problem-solving muscles.

When I’m not immersed in solutions, my passion shifts to creating in other areas of my life. I love creating art, farming, gardening, growing mushrooms, and raising animals on my land.  Creation is fun, humbling, and empowering, no matter your age. Thanks for stopping by!