Anthony Carpino

Anthony Carpino

SVP - Strategic Visionary Partner

Hi and thanks for checking out my bio! My name is Anthony Carpino and I’m the SVP here at Syssero where I look to enable and empower my team of Department Leads as we pursue operational excellence for our clients and fellow team members.

As the SVP I work hard to contribute to the development and implementation of Sysseros overall strategy and I serve as the bridge between the executive team and the various department leaders which I have the privilege of managing. 

I possess an arsenal of business development and business operations skill sets and I am proud to show up and put them to use everyday here at Syssero. A diverse 15-year career spanning Aerospace, Manufacturing, Information Systems, and Consulting has fostered a love for learning and an understanding that people and relationships are the most valuable assets when leading organizations. Strong talents in Business Process Development, Enterprise Systems Architecture, Service/Product Delivery, and Program Management allow me to execute strategies and implement solutions with maximum effect.

On a more personal note, my passion for immersing myself in new cultures and new places has led me to visit over 20 countries and 8 National Parks. Travelling does throw a wrench in my other passion which has been the lifelong pursuit of my health and fitness. My normal daily routine involves yoga, weight and mobility training, cardio, cooking, and of course … working at Syssero!