Ricardo Paulin

Ricardo Paulin

Managing Lead Technical Consultant

Hello, I’m Ricardo, Managing Lead Technical Consultant at Syssero, specializing in Workday® integrations for over 6 years. My journey in this field started on the partner side, where I developed my expertise and acquired certifications in Integrations Core, Workday® Studio, and Cloud Connect for Benefits. My career took a significant turn in 2019 when I joined Syssero® as the first full-time integrations consultant, marking a pivotal moment in my professional life.

While I have a broad skill set in my domain, what excites me the most is debugging. It’s not just about troubleshooting; it’s about delving into and solving the complex puzzles that each unique challenge presents.

Outside of my professional role, I’m a passionate soccer fan. My hobbies include web application development and gardening, both of which allow me to unleash my creativity and connect with the natural world. But above all, the moments I cherish the most are those spent with my kids, filled with play and laughter.

As the Managing Lead Technical Consultant, I bring together a mix of technical acumen, a love for life, and a deep-seated commitment to excellence in everything I do. I look forward to facing new challenges and bringing my enthusiasm and expertise to the forefront in every endeavor.