Written by Ryan Wittenauer

From Workday Partner to Implementation Pro: Key Insights from a Syssero Project Manager

Workday is an incredibly effective tool for HR and Finance processes, but it’s also a major investment: both in cost and time. The time investment starts with the critical implementation stage. This is a multi-month process alongside a Workday Implementation Partner where you learn the ins and outs of the tool while setting it up to best serve your business needs. Unfortunately, your Workday partner can only do so much to support your training, and the whole implementation process can often feel overwhelming.

I previously worked as a Workday Implementation Partner, and while I cared about setting my clients up for success, I also had a very limited period of time to walk them through a tremendous amount of information. When my clients brought in a Syssero consultant pre-deployment, they were considerably more confident with Workday and more likely to have future success with the platform. Now, working as a Syssero project manager myself, I’m able to empower clients to make the most of their Workday implementations through our Launch Enhancement Assistance Program, or LEAP.

Here are three key ways I’ve seen LEAP benefit our clients throughout Workday implementation.


Translating Workday Language

Like many digital platforms, Workday has their own terminology and methodology and they utilize different tools that you may not have prior experience with. The Workday Implementation Partner’s goal is to get your system up and running, so they don’t necessarily have time to take you through all the pre-work.

A Syssero project manager does have that time. From the start, we can teach you and your team the various terms you’ll hear throughout implementation, explain the methodology that Workday uses and train you how to use project tools. We will also review the project plan, tenant management plan, and Statement of Work to fill in more details so you understand exactly what is happening at each step and why it matters. When something doesn’t make sense, your Syssero project manager will happily translate it.


Providing an Extra Set of Hands

Implementing Workday can feel like a full-time job, which you and your team probably don’t have time for. Your Syssero project manager serves as an extension of your team with the added bonus of knowledge and experience with Workday. During implementation, we typically meet with your company’s project manager and the Workday Implementation Partner through weekly calls and design sessions to provide advisory support.

Your Syssero project manager can also assist with:

  • Keeping the implementation partner accountable to functionality and deliverables
  • Providing best-practice and in-practice solutions
  • Scheduling your training and making sure the right parties complete the appropriate sessions
  • Clearing up any confusions, obstacles or challenges along the way


Setting You Up for Future Success

Syssero has one goal: to empower you to get the most out of Workday. While we are happy to support you through implementation and beyond, we also want you to feel confident using the tool independently.

During implementation, this means working ahead. We like to prepare the project manager for the next stage of implementation while the rest of the team works on the current stage. For every decision you have to make regarding the platform, we help you think through how it will impact use for all stakeholders, including different employees, managers and executives. We help you conduct thorough testing before deployment to ensure all the data in your system is secure.

We also like to think about what you need after deployment. Your Syssero project manager will develop documentation throughout implementation for easy reference and knowledge transfer.


LEAP into Workday with a Syssero Project Manager

Through our LEAP offering, a Syssero project manager can provide support and advice throughout implementation, offer a fresh and knowledgeable perspective and advocate on your behalf with the Workday Implementation Partner. Then, if you need more assistance post-deployment, most of our consultants are previous Workday clients who have been in your shoes and can continue to advise your team through additional integrations and modules.

You only get one implementation. Make the most of it with Syssero by reaching out to info@syssero.com.