Written by Kelsey Bradbery

Leveraging Communities

Leveraging Communities

Workday Community has a wealth of information and ways to connect to others within the Workday Ecosystem. Today, we’ll be introducing you to a few of the perks of signing in to Workday Community and getting connected!


Customer Alerts

First, I want to bring your attention to the most important thing in all of the community: Customer Alerts! 

When anything, and I mean anything, goes wrong in your tenant, check the customer alerts first! It may be a customer wide issue that Workday is resolving. Also, you can schedule these alerts to be emailed to you immediately as they’re posted. I would highly suggest doing that!


Workday Community

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff! Workday breaks up their community into four sections:

  1. Basics: This is where it all begins; learn a little bit more about Workday, browse training and look at various support options from the Workday Community and the Workday Customer Support Center.
  2. Release: Everything release related, from release notes to the maintenance schedule, is posted under this tab. If you’re working on an update or trying to find out when an enhancement is coming (or if it’s been delayed), this is the place. You can even access shared demonstration tenants!
  3. Products: The Administrator Guide located in this tab is essentially a Workday Encyclopedia. It will provide you very basic information on configuration, provide samples and knowledge on some pretty deep Workday configuration. This is pretty high-level stuff, so it helps to already have some Workday knowledge going in. There’s also a connector catalog for integrations, a road map where you can review Workday’s current product strategy, global deployment and feature implementation, and product presentations that will help you learn more about new features and products.
  4. Collaborate: This is where users can go to connect. You can post brainstorms, which are ideas that customers come up with to improve the system. You can comment on and upvote on brainstorms that have already been submitted to let Workday know that you really, really, want the improvement! Just a note: Comments help a lot – so if you truly want Workday to implement an enhancement, comment and say why your company needs it or what it could fix for your business. You can also browse contributed solutions and look for Workday events that are happening near you. There’s also a section on User Groups, which we’ll describe in more detail below!


Workday User Groups

Workday User Groups are a fantastic way to connect with others and get personalized help and contacts. The groups are broken down into three key areas:

  • Product Area Groups: Users who share an interest in the same product functionality.
  • Special Interest Groups: Users who are part of the same industry or other specialty areas.
  • Regional Groups: Users who are based in the same geographic region.

Each group has its own positive aspects. 

  • Product Area Groups allow you to focus on specific product areas within Workday. For example, if you have a recruiting question or brainstorm, you can post it in the Recruiting Product Area Group and you’re likely to get a good response. 
  • Special Interest Groups can enable you to more easily solve issues that you may have for your own specific industry. Retail operations and technology firms operate differently and have different needs. Connecting with people within your industry can help you work through problems that your company is looking to solve by crowdsourcing solutions with similar customers. 
  • Regional Groups are great because having a friend nearby is never a bad thing. Often Regional Groups have in-person meetups where you can attend presentations and network with Workday peers in the same city or state as you. If you don’t see an in-person meetup on the event schedule, you can set up one yourself!

To access these groups, click on “Collaborate” and then “User Groups” on Workday Community!

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