Written by Heather Groff

Next Steps After Attending Workday Rising

I don’t know about you, but I am still ramped up from this year’s Workday® Rising. Not only was it educational and inspiring, it was also a ton of fun – especially getting to connect with so many fellow Workday® enthusiasts!

Now that we’ve had time to process all the exciting launches and updates, we want to walk through three of our main takeaways from Rising and how your company can benefit from these insights.

1. Adjust and Adapt

Businesses are constantly adapting, and your system should be, too. Workday® is constantly coming out with great enhancements to help your organization use the system more efficiently. Make sure you’re not only phasing in these enhancements in a timely manner but also looking at past configurations to see if they can be adjusted to better serve the business. 

2. Keep Data Clean

It’s no secret that AI was the big focus of Workday® Rising this year. Workday® is doing some really cool work towards AI and machine learning, and incorporating the tools and services they’ve released can save HR and finance teams valuable time.

Before you start your AI implementation party, you need to make sure the basics are solid, first. Make sure your current data is clean, precise and correct, or all of these cool new gadgets will just be providing inaccurate reports. 

3. Go for the Greatest Impact

Innovation is key for business, so thinking about how you can do something different or better should always be at the forefront of your mind. This mindset can also lead you down the path of “shiny object syndrome,” where you’re constantly chasing the latest, most exciting option. 

When confronted with a lot of great ideas at once – Workday® Rising in a nutshell – always think about what will have the greatest impact on your business. Review the latest Workday® enhancements against your current processes and business practices to determine priority, then plan out stages of those enhancements so you’re not overwhelmed.

What Next?

So now that you’ve attended this four-day extravaganza and are buzzing with a million ideas…what next?

There’s lots that you can do, and we’d love to help. Our team is happy to walk through all your learnings from Workday® Rising and help turn them into an actionable plan that helps your business thrive.

Reach out to get the conversation started! We can’t wait to hear from you.