Managed Services

Access Model

If you’re a business looking to outsource Workday® support long-term or need an extension of your internal team in the short term, the Access Model (AMS) gives you access to a team of subject matter experts to address all of your Workday needs in a one-stop shop. As a Workday partner, we offer the right Workday resources to meet your support needs, whether for an extended duration or as a temporary augmentation to your internal team.

Your Project Team is Assigned

With this model, you’ll be assigned a Lead, Co-Lead and Project Manager, hand-tailored to your specific needs, each mastering multiple functional areas within Workday®. Gone is the need for 5-10 resources per-client. Our people cover a wide breadth of functional areas within Workday® and are with you for the long run.

Solution Advancement Begins

Your Project Manager set you up with your own portal for visibility into requests, cadence & ongoing meetings and roadmap for larger items within your engagement. And the best part? No Workday® request is out of scope. Just let your team know and they’ll take care of the rest.

Steer Toward Self-Sufficiency

We require documentation for every solution we create for your project, and we get it straight to you. As we work together over time, our aim is to put the power of your tenant back in your hands, and let you take the reigns.

But That's Just the Beginning. Here's All That You Get With the Access Model:

  • Resolution Documentation

    We’re here not only to build your team’s knowledge base but also to support the transfer of that knowledge well into the future. We document and screenshot step-by-step instructions on every requested ticket, empowering you to take ownership of your platform in the long term.

  • Projects & Help Desk Support

    Designed by former end-clients, we’ve removed the traditional red tape that often limits you from getting the help you need in the time you need it. Roll out new modules, manage releases, tackle M&As, complete projects/enhancements of any size and more – all under one AMS contract.

  • Lean, Dedicated Teams

    Our subject matter experts are multi-functional, individually covering an unmatched breadth of the Workday® application. This allows us to dedicate lean Syssero® teams to your environment; increasing response times, relationships and resolution confidence by way of downstream system insights.

  • Hands-on Leadership

    We provide you with a hands-on AMS leader based on your most critical need, allowing us to drive results while maximizing your budgeted time and investment.

  • Tenured Talent

    On average, each of our consultants have over 7 years of Workday® experience. We make sure that you receive senior-level talent dedicated to you throughout the duration of our partnership.

  • Skill Accessibility

    Working under your provided AMS lead, the entire Syssero® consulting team is at your disposal for specific one-off needs, allowing you to leverage the strength of our whole organization at a moment’s notice.


Hourly cost ranges from $176/hour to $198/hour 

Outsource Workday support long term OR have our team at Syssero serve as an extension of your internal team….. for any length of time. The Access Model (AMS) is flexible--one size does not fit all, and we understand that. This service can be tailored to your unique situation and Workday needs. Click here to reach our Sales team and discuss how AMS can work with you AND for you.

Syssero® consultants genuinely care about building relationships with their clients and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in tackling minor issues to major projects and implementation of new functionality.”

Alanna Brown, Director, HCM & Payroll
BJs Restaurants

“Syssero® has been invaluable to our organization. From being extremely flexible and patient as we figure out our processes internally to being our resident Workday® experts, Syssero® continues to provide the help we need.”

Rob Harris, Director of Accounting

“Why hire one person when you can have access to a staff of qualified Workday® professionals at your fingertips? Syssero® has been instrumental in accelerating our feature adoption and strengthening the Workday® footprint HKS had already established.”

Liz Smith, HRIS Manager

“You guys are my people! Every chance I get to talk with Syssero® I feel that they understand me and all the things we need.”

Kelly Lippe, Group Lead, HR Operations

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