Implementation Assistance


Going through a Workday® implementation is a hill to climb for any organization, no matter the size or complexity. That’s why Syssero® built LEAP, the only launch enhancement assistance program in the Workday® ecosystem designed specifically for Workday’s Accelerated Deployment Methodology.

LEAP Forward With Us!

With LEAP you get a dedicated Syssero® team made up of experts who have been through Workday® implementations, just like you. This includes:

  • Project Managers
  • Functional Configuration Experts (HRIS/FIN/AP)
  • Technical Integration Experts

Workday® is Selected

Prepare: Before implementation begins, we’ll help assess your needs, ensure data integrity and prepare/prioritize the impending requirements you’ll owe Workday®.

  1. System needs assessment
  2. Data clean up and conversion preparation
  3. Pre-Workday® fundamentals training
  4. Internal team alignment and change management


Assist: As you work through the implementation process, we’re supporting you all along the way. Acting as an extension of your internal team, we’ll help you overcome the analysis paralysis and protect your go-live date.

  1. Workbook population assistance and translation
  2. Testing assistance and script expansion
  3. “Out-of-scope” protection
  4. Roadmapping

Platform Launch

Optimize: Once you’ve reached go-live, it’s time to begin system optimization. We’ll work alongside you to add functionality, connectors, reports, dashboards and all the bells and whistles that made Workday® the right choice for your organization.

  1. Custom documentation
  2. Enhanced “ownership” training
  3. Additional SKUs
  4. Platform polish

“Without Syssero’s resources, I am not confident we would have achieved our go-live date. Their support was seen as a game changer for the project, providing a vital middle ground and acting as a sounding board. Anyone implementing Workday® should consider selecting an organization like Syssero to ensure success.”

Courtney Kolar, SVP, People Services

“We configured as we deployed and Syssero® was vital to our success. Syssero® helped us steer the ship and functioned as an extension of my HR team.”

Sarah Webster, VP - Human Resources
Toot’n Totum

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