Written by Matt Knowlton

Syssero Announces New Partnership With Workday®

A Boutique Partner In the Ecosystem

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Syssero, a Workday consultancy founded in 2016 by Amber Lowry and Ryan Massie, proudly announces its new Workday Partner status. Syssero’s journey, marked by innovation, empathy, perseverance, and a commitment to empowering clients and employees alike, has led to this significant milestone for the company.

From its inception to meet the increasing demand for specialized Workday solutions, Syssero has challenged conventional consultancy practices at its core – the talent. Syssero’s workforce is predominantly composed of talented individuals with a background as Workday customers and end-users. With this background and knowledge, Syssero’s consultants have designed a unique suite of offerings and are uniquely equipped to empower customers to maximize their Workday investments – across both HR and FINS, enabling customers to own the evolution of their technology journey while efficiently adapting to the demands of rapidly changing business requirements.

Syssero, a woman owned Workday partner, employs consultants with a customer-side background, giving customers access to individuals who share their experiences as Workday users. Syssero, with its Launch Enhancement Assistance Program and other service offerings such as Staff Augmentation, Permanent Placement, and Managed Services, is set to bring a unique perspective and value to the Workday ecosystem.

“The word company has many meanings; the company you work for, the company you work with, and the company beside you through life. I’m beyond thankful for the company we’ve built at Syssero®,” says Amber Lowry, Owner, and Co-Founder of Syssero, emphasizing the strength of the team.

Workday Advisory Partner Syssero

The Journey of Syssero

In 2016, the seeds of what would become Syssero were sown by Amber Lowry.

Amber joined Workday as an early employee, pre IPO, and served in multiple roles, as a data conversion consultant and a contributing architect of the launch ADM methodology. Later on, Amber joined Sierra-Cedar as a Solution Architect, deploying the very Workday methodology she helped create while at Workday. From there, Amber served in Workday leadership at Coca-Cola and Kimberly-Clark, before taking the step to become an independent consultant in 2016 – which is when she crossed paths with her future business partner, Ryan Massie.

Ryan’s journey to Workday and Syssero was less traditional from a tech industry perspective. He served as a Professor of Fine Arts and communications at numerous higher education establishments around Chicago before transitioning to a role in Technical Recruitment at Oxford International. While at Oxford International, Ryan identified through his consultant relationships an immense shift in technology concentration. Consultants were clamoring to gain experience in the rapidly growing software landscape that Workday set to revolutionize. In his role, Ryan placed Amber, who served as an independent consultant at the time, on numerous Workday related assignments. From this working partnership, a deep friendship was born.

“I’ve always been a champion of craft. While Amber’s talent is undeniable, it’s her ability to blend perspective, passion, and empathy with technical genius – that’s craftsmanship – that makes her an unparalleled treasure within this ecosystem,” shares Ryan.

Recognizing an unexplored niche, Amber and Ryan envisioned a consultancy that went beyond standing up the core Workday products. They realized that their focus on ownership, operational excellence, optimization, and education—would be a unique addition to the market. As they ventured to bridge the rolling adoption gap for medium and emerging enterprises, they aimed to empower their customers by collaborating with talented friends with backgrounds as Workday customers and end-users, bringing to market a combination of best practice and in-practice perspectives.

Beginning with Staff Augmentation and Advisory work, Syssero’s early years saw steady growth. The team, initially working strictly within Time & Materials projects, gradually expanded into Managed Services. In their version of AMS, Syssero would help remove the red tape of project vs. help-desk requests, and serve the customer under one agreement that would encompass anything Workday related. Special emphasis was given to documentation, training, and knowledge transfer.

One Workday executive remarked at the time, “All your consultants have been customers at some point. It’s like a physicalized version of Communities.” Syssero continued to innovate with multiple service offerings encompassing different stages of the Workday adoption and ownership journey, including Projects, Permanent Placement, and the newly created Launch Enhancement Assistance Program.

They adapted the client-side methodology to deployment and advisory services for medium and emerging businesses. This focus became a turning point for Syssero, as Workday representatives recognized an opportunity to leverage Syssero’s unique composition and methodologies

Today, Syssero stands as a testament to its founders’ vision empowering the client voice, as they are poised to strengthen its collaboration with Workday in 2024, while bringing credibility and expertise to the ever-evolving landscape of customer empowerment.